7 Awesome Benefits of Grapes for Health and Skin

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7 Awesome Benefits of Grapes for Health and Skin

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From being used in dishing out sinful desserts and refreshing fruit bowls to being renowned as the primary ingredient in the winemaking process, it is not without reason that grapes are known as the queen of fruits. Classified under the household of berries, berries come in different varieties as well as colors green, red, blue, purple and black. While the winemaking industry uses the majority of the production of grapes in the world, the rest of the lot is consumed as fruits, and a small portion is used in making dried fruits.

  1. Loaded with Antioxidants

Grapes are a powerhouse of antioxidants they have a wide range of phytonutrients right from carotenoids to polyphenols. Studies have revealed that these phytonutrients assist in preventing certain types of cancers and assist in maintaining heart health. Among polyphenols, resveratrol is known for its miraculous properties such as inhibiting the formation of free radicals that might lead to cancer and dilating blood vessels to ease blood flow and lower blood pressure. Point to note: The antioxidant content is the highest in the seeds and the skin. So, do make use of them.

  1. Prevents Skin Problems

It’s found that resveratrol prevents signs of aging along with other skin problems. According to a study conducted by the team at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), resveratrol, when combined with a frequent acne medication benzoyl peroxide, fights the acne-causing bacteria.

  1. High Source of Potassium

The nutritional breakup of grapes reveals that per 100 g of the fruit includes 191 milligrams of potassium. High intake of potassium and lowering sodium content can aid your body in a lot of ways. Potassium also counteracts excess sodium. A low-sodium-high-potassium diet has proven beneficial for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart health normally. Based on Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist, author and founder of the Digestive Centre for Women in Washington D.C., a bloated stomach can invite many health-related problems. Cutting back on salt intake and focusing on potassium-rich fiber can help in getting a flat stomach.

  1. Good for the Eyes

According to a study done by University of Miami, Florida, grapes promote eye health from signaling changes in the cellular level to directly countering oxidative stress. Including grapes in the diet results in lower levels of inflammatory proteins and high quantities of protective proteins in the retinas, that’s the region of the eye which has the cells that react to light, called photoreceptors.

  1. Boost Brain Power

Certain studies have found that resveratrol aids in increasing blood flow to the brain, thereby it might help speed up psychological responses and prove to be beneficial for those suffering from brain-related ailments like Alzheimer’s. The University of Switzerland did a study also found that resveratrol can help eliminate plaques and free radicals, which influence the brain.

  1. Good for the Knees

A study done by Texas Woman’s University has established that daily consumption of grapes саn hеlр gеt rеlіеf frоm knее раіn, еsресіаllу thе оnеs trіggеrеd duе tо sуmрtоmаtіс osteoarthritis. Raisins are high in antioxidants, most significant and beneficial one being polyphenols, which help in enhancing the flexibility and mobility of joints.

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