How childhood trauma impacts well being throughout a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris


Childhood trauma is not one thing you simply recover from as you develop up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated …



  1. I am on the journey of healing from my childhood abuse made by my stepfather while mother was watching and not doing anything untill I become a mother on 17 years old,then they threw me out of home , and didn't even wish to know where I went and what I was going through with a new born baby sometimes I used to say that my mother isn't my real mother because I know how my heart beats when it comes to my children ,and was telling myself that mother can forsake her child like that because of a man ,after their abusive relationship I don't know what kind of life I lived with my child until I entered in an other abusive relationship with a man,How do you think I am now? It's a very very very long journey for me and hard because as that title said my man is changed but my mental health isn't getting better after everything I went through in my past 🥺 I don't know till when I will be like this,and that made me not to trust anyone because the people I loved most and who supposed to do the same are the ones responsible on my trauma 😢😢

  2. I went through intense childhood trauma. I am not happy with my life, I am definitely more content than I used to be but, I will not have a child and let it bear witness to my mental illnesses, or allow myself the possibility of inflicting harm on a child. Daily, I wish I was never born, but I try to fill my days with as much love and compassion as I can until I meet my end

  3. Childhood trauma in a study; brain development immune system hormonal system affects the way DNA is read and recorded. The study of negative childhood experiences was named ACE. 17,500 adults participated in the study by Felitti and Anda. Physical, emotional or sexual abuse of adults; physical or emotional neglect, parental mental health, substance abuse, incarceration; Their stories were heard in the fields of parental separation and divorce, and domestic violence. Each yes answer was given 1 point and the total Ace score was subtracted. Later, Ace scores in the study were associated with health problems. According to the results, it was determined that Ace was very common and 67% of the population had ACE. . A relationship has been found between ACE and health problems. The higher the Ace, the higher the health problem. Having an Ace score carries a higher risk of health problems than those without an Ace score. The reason why the individual has more health problems is the effect of childhood trauma on brain development. The individual's exposure to severe stress at a young age affects the child's brain functions.

  4. I'm 54. I lived a childhood of physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse. I was starved, teased, tormented, beaten, and humiliated. I was not allowed to show joy or be happy. My mother was a drunk, my stepfather the devil. I struggle with abandonment issues and crave love….though I rarely let anyone get close to me. I lead a promiscuous teen period. I married at 36 and divorced at 45. I've not achieved success career-wise. I feel as if I've never reached my full potential through fear of failure. For much of my life I blocked out most childhood abuse…..but it comes in flashbacks at the oddest times. I wonder how much time I have left before I die of natural causes….or end it all myself. Sadly, everyone thinks I'm a happy person.

  5. This hit home, and I think hospitals should develop programs where they provide parents with free (optional) psychology classes after childbirth.

  6. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”
    I was abused in many ways when I was a child (physical, emotional, verbally) but thanks to God I could learn to love myself and to accept the love of others. Now I have my baby girl, I love her and I’m aware of how important are my actions in her development. He can heal us and make us new 🙂
    ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭5:17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  7. I "only" have two ACEs, and I have so many problems that stem from those two ACEs, like GAD, depression, stress-induced IBS, stress-induced chronic pain (I'm in general more tense than the majority of people, and I unconsciously tense up more whenever I get a little bit stressed). My childhood was very stressful, I felt like I could never relax, so now in my early 30s I can still not relax properly, because it's a learnt behaviour. CBT has helped me, but it goes very slow because of how damn much there is to unpack (and that's with "only" two of all those ACEs!). I still have a very strained relationship to the parent who caused this, even though said parent has improved (well, not much, but any improvement is better than no improvement).

  8. Seeing this for the 1st time after UVALDE makes me immediately think of the 19 children, their siblings, their friends, their classmates and families.
    That whole community needs special attention 🙏
    New gun safety laws are a must 🙏❤

  9. Always everyone can not go to phycologist ….a teenage trauma will reduce a lot if you share your feeling with your close friend…. Believe me a friend can help you a lot in this situation.

  10. This is being done on purpose in China/ Israel with support from big tech to entire populations, it actually works.. They are probably giving 200 years of future Uigyhrs low iqs, health problems and panic attacks/ life time anxiety. They probably won't be creative or be able to resist oppression, and this is without the targeted genetic warfare they were planning to do (again all being covered up by Google).. The status quo is that good to Google, imagine what they could do for human trafficking but they are the same crew as Epstein/ would have the same FBI response to the molested gymnasts. Same circle of CIA mind control types. We are becoming the intellectual property they are going to be manufacturing obsolescence into so they can control maximum profit. The algorithms and ads are more to traumatize rather than sell anything these days. They don't need to sell anything, they have absolute control over information and money flow. (and human trafficking) (and those who do or don't arrest traffickers on case by case classist basis)

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  12. Someone should cross reference these results with veterans and our issues. I bet that would introduce an interesting co-relation. Who sacrifices themselves for others and why? Are they running from or to something? How do we adjust when are allowed to come home and are let down again? abandoned again? hurt again? minimalized again? ostricized? thrown away?

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  14. y'all i know this might not be the place but do you think its plausible to get emotional trauma from dealing with very close friends being openly suicidal, self harming, and being overall depressing for a span of 3 years as a child whilst said child was 8 through 11 during this time period?

    sorry this is oddly specific im just curious

  15. Trauma causes a dysregulation of the limbic system, which then causes physical and mental ailments. This is curable, using "brain retraining" techniques to regulate the nervous system. =) Psychedelics therapy is also of great help to address trauma and suppressed emotions.

  16. Okay, I'd like to see all the parents that are going to line up for you guys to invade their privacy and have reason to take their children away. You guys are not trying to help people. You're sitting here trying to take their children away so that you can mold the children into what you want them to be and get the parent to cooperate with you. It's used as a punishment. My question is: "when do you expect children to go through adversity? Because it's going to happen whether you want it to or not. And since you think adversity is the problem why don't you look at all of the little white children that grew up with silver spoons in their mouths and getting everything that they wanted needed and should have and never receiving any discipline and you tell me why they're the main ones shooting up schools!

  17. Extreme childhood trauma survivor here. As a child I was homeless, in and out of foster care, my dad was severely mentally ill, and my parents used drugs and alcohol. I was sexually abused multiple times, lived in the mountains in a literal burnt down shack. I have so many health issues it’s insane. Extremely severe gluten allergy, chronic back pain, tmj, absolutely terrible eye sight, hammer toes, super high arches and of course severe depression and anxiety. Not freaking fair man not fair..


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