Psychological Well being Specialists Debunk 10 Stress Myths | Debunked


Psychological-health specialists Stephanie Prepare dinner and Teresa Leyro debunk 10 myths about stress. They clarify why everybody wants stress, …



  1. The only good stress I put myself through is exercise. Other than that I don't like being stressed out, I start procrastinating and get less done. I get more done at a higher quality when I'm not stressed out and have a great attitude.

  2. When the "Mental Health Experts" are so cathartic, they can't endure a 10-minute presentation without indulging in talking like two overgrown girls at a slumber party, it is really hard to take them seriously. Science Insider, can you not do better than this, with thousands of mental health experts in the world? Our time is precious. You only lower your image by having low or no criteria.

  3. For vacations, I found taking long weekends more consistently instead of a week or two big vacation, was more helpful for stress. It gave me time to take care of my personal stuff and to go away if I wanted.

  4. Obviously the stress eating feedback loop is a bad thing, but it’s not a negative feedback loop, it’s a positive one. Negative and positive don’t mean bad and good, they mean that the feedback loop is either continuously decreasing (negative) or continuously increasing (positive). So with cake and wine you’re continuously increasing the amount of consumption and stress, therefore it’s a positive feedback loop. Negative feedback loops are pretty rare iirc.

  5. I think they really misunderstood the "stress-free life" claim. A stress-free life is not a life where you see a bear and feel nothing. A stress-free life is where you never come dangerously close to a bear — where you never need that primal motivation on top of the more comfortable kinds of motivation.

    With the "stress is always bad" claim, there's a lot of room for interpretation of "bad", and the interpretation I find most sensible is one for which tearing up the paper is nonsensical. There are indeed health benefits to stress. However, receiving those health benefits is a matter of enduring something bad to avoid things which are worse. These benefits don't mean that stress isn't bad — it means that evolution has forced you to pick a lesser evil.

  6. Yeah… that whole eat half a cake, feel bad about it so you have to eat the other half a cake thing… what’s that like? I totally wouldn’t know.

  7. To add-on to reducing or stopping nail biting, I stopped bc someone complimented my nails which made me want to take care of them. i also bought a nail file to help manage the length of my nails which I do to cure boredom

  8. Taking a vacation may not cure burnout, but it definitely will help getting away from people and their never-ending problems that I have to hear constantly on a daily basis.

  9. Sometimes the causes for burnouts isn't easily identifiable, in which case I do think that vacations can help a lot. If you really have the time to wind down and actually think about your situation you can more easily figure out a working solution to the underlying cause.

  10. The "Stress helps people work faster and better" makes me a link to those reality shows. They make the contestant super nervous, making the people make a mistake that audacious feel there's no chance to make.


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