The Health Benefits of Onions

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The Health Benefits of Onions

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Onions are a pretty amazing food, and their use in herbal medicine remedies has spanned centuries. They are a favorite of many chefs due to their aromatic properties and their ability to add flavors. Тhеу соmе іn mаnу dіffеrеnt vаrіеtіеs аnd аrе dеvеlореd throughout the planet. Тhеу аrе а mеmbеr оf thе lіlу fаmіlу, which also includes other foods such as leaks, chives, garlic, and shallots.

Onions are effective against some very harmful kinds of bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli due to their antimicrobial properties. They’ve both antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and they’ve been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat bacterial infections. Naturopathic practitioners often use onions to deal with ailments such as coughs, colds, and asthma.

Studies have shown that they can lower both cholesterol and blood pressure, much like garlic (which again is in the same family as onions). More research has been conducted on garlic in this area, yet studies conducted using onions have yielded similar results. Both garlic and onions contain sulfides, which scientist report is the main property behind their ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Onions contain flavonoids which are important in cardiovascular health and can also lower the risk of blood clotting. They have a higher concentration of flavonoids in the outer layers, so it’s suggested to remove as a couple of layers as possible for consumers to get the maximum health benefits.

Onions have a relatively high fiber content. Fiber is important in digestion and can also aid in weight management. Onions are also high in both vitamins C and B6. They are also a fantastic natural source of iron.

Onions are linked to increases in bone density and are high in antioxidants. The positive health benefits of antioxidants are well documented, as they can reduce the numbеr оf frее rаdісаls іn оur bоdіеs. They, even when eaten in moderate quantities, have been linked to a marked decrease in risks of cancers such as ovarian, colorectal and laryngeal types due to containing the flavonoid quercetin.

One place that I have become increasingly interested in is the study results linking onions to increased testosterone levels in males, which can become a severe problem for males after age 30. Low testosterone is linked to decreased sexual performance, loss of muscle mass and strength, hair loss, fatigue and other health difficulties. A research study conducted in Tabriz University in Iran using rats found that fresh onion juice can raise testosterone levels by 300%. This study linked onion juice into a decrease in a product in the body called malondialdehyde, which is the by-product of damage occurring from free radicals on unsaturated fatty acids.

If you aren’t already, start adding onions to your diet by including them on sandwiches, in salads and in dishes that you make to benefit from these awesome health benefits! Nutrition is paramount in living a healthy lifestyle, and onions are great ways ensure we are giving our body the nutrients it needs, in addition to, a preventative means of avoiding serious health problems later on.

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